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About Joe Hoeffel

Joe Hoeffel served in the Pennsylvania State Assembly between 1977 and 1984.

He was the leading opponent of the Abortion Control Act, opposing that punitive legislation on the floor of the House, and offering the comprehensive amendment that if passed would have transformed the legislation to truly support women’s health and reproductive rights.

Democrats and progressives still should be fighting against the Abortion Control Act every day, due to the onerous 24 hour waiting period and intrusive state-mandated photographs and alarmist text which women are forced to read. In Congress, Joe Hoeffel will take his experience in advocating for women and put it to work for appropriate health care for women, pay equity, better family leave, and childcare for working women.

Joe has demonstrated his support for women’s issues in the State House and in Congress and will use his alliances and experience to continue to be a champion for women.

Joe Hoeffel served in U.S. Congress from 1999 until 2004,

consistently standing up to irresponsible Republican tax cuts. The latest Republican tax catastrophe will cost an estimated $1.8 trillion and will be devastating for the middle class and for young adults. It is a giveaway to corporate America and the very wealthy that burdens those who can least afford it in order to benefit the richest layer of society. Coupled with the recent spending increases to both military and domestic programs, the irresponsible Republican tax swindle has plunged the federal budget into deeper debt that hurts our economy and limits our future.

Joe will work with every ounce of energy to put our financial house in order and balance the budget in order to build prosperity for the next generation.

Joe Hoeffel served for 11 years as Montgomery County Commissioner.

Joe created the first handbook and ethics code for county employees to limit politics in the courthouse and helped establish the county’s Open Space Preservation and Economic Development programs.

Joe Hoeffel served the youth of Philadelphia as an adjunct professor of political science at Temple University from 2011 until 2014.

He has been a passionate advocate for affordable public and higher education.